PragPub: Issue #6

PragPub: Issue #6 cover image

Issue #6, December 2009

  • Automating Screencasts
    • Are you ready for your closeup?
  • Going Naked
    • Take a stroll down the Naked Objects path.
  • Forgive and Remember
    • Paul offers some advice to make debugging a learning experience.

PragPub: Issue #5

PragPub: Issue #5 cover image

Issue #5, November 2009

  • The Agile Coach
    • Agile coaches Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley share advice on coaching your Agile team.
  • The Pompatus of Pomodoro
    • Make time an enabler rather than the enemy who always wins.
  • Bonjour, iPhone
    • Bill walks you through building a rudimentary multiplayer game for the iPhone.

PragPub: Issue #4

PragPub: Issue #4 cover image

Issue #4, October 2009

  • Android’s Next Move
    • An interview with Hello, Android author Ed Burnette.
  • Mail on Rails
    • Delivering the mail is a pain. So why configure mail servers and domain keys when you can get existing Web APIs to do the dirty work for you?
  • TextMate Tricks
    • With a little help from Ruby, James spiffs up his favorite text editor.

PragPub: Issue #3

PragPub: Issue #3 cover image

Issue #3, September 2009

  • Responsive Design
    • Kent reflects on his years designing software and concludes that we need a new approach, one that embraces ambiguity and tension.
  • Clone Yourself
    • Thinking of your career as a system leads to some surprising conclusions.
  • …And Your Bugs Can Sing
    • What if your log files sang to you?

PragPub: Issue #2

PragPub: Issue #2 cover image

Issue #2, August 2009

  • Writing an iPhone App
    • Developing iPhone apps is in some ways remarkably like writing desktop apps—and in many ways jarringly different.
  • iPhone, Meet Cucumber
    • It’s the hot development platform, and anything that speeds the process of getting your iPhone app finished and tested is welcome news. So Ian Dees shows how to drive an iPhone GUI from a Ruby test script.
  • Pragmatic Life
    • A chat with Andy Hunt about the Pragmatic Life book series and about life in general.

PragPub: Issue #1

PragPub: Issue #1 cover image

Issue #1, July 2009

  • The Layoffs Are Coming!
    • Andy wrote the book on finding tech jobs (Land the Tech Job You Love). Here he tells you how to keep the job you have.
  • Why Clojure?
    • Rich Hickey created Clojure, a modern dialect of Lisp that targets the JVM. In this PragPub interview, Rich explains what that means to you.
  • When Things Go Wrong
    • As Stuart demonstrates in this deep immersion in Clojure coding, one of Clojure’s strengths is how it shines when things go wrong.

Cloudbook Magazine: Security

Cloudbook Magazine: Security cover image

This issue includes features such as:

  • Building a business case for moving financials to the cloud
    • The worst of the downturn may be behind us, but its lessons remain clear. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must be able to make better decisions quickly, focus on core strengths and responsibilities, and reduce costs wherever possible. Cloud computing solutions provide a fiscally responsible, productivity-positive meansway to deliver on these goals, eliminating waste and needless expense while strengthening the processes which make your company competitive and successful.

Fitstyle Magazine: Pet Issue

Fitstyle Magazine: Pet Issue cover image

Special pet issue, for beauty without cruelty campaign. Fitness professional lifestyle assocition. Photography features contribute to wildlife, ASCPA fall pet tips tons of free stuff resources.

Locus Magazine

Locus Magazine cover image

Locus is a monthly magazine that has been reporting on the science fiction and fantasy field since 1968. The magazine is published from Oakland, California and was co-founded by Charles N. Brown.

Each month you’ll get all the latest news from around the world on the science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing field. There are stories about publishers, awards, and conferences, plus the regular columns; The Data File, People & Publishing (rights sold, books sold, books resold, books delivered, publishing news, promotions; people news and photos about vacations, weddings, and births). Each issue contains interviews with both well-known and up-and-coming writers, and from time to time editors and artists – you’ll even find an occasional column from Cory Doctorow.

Hacker Monthly

Hacker Monthly cover image

Hacker Monthly is the print and digital magazine version of Hacker News. Each month the editors choose from the most voted articles found the on Hacker News website and print them in magazine format.

Hacker News is a social news website that has become wildly popular among programmers and startup founders. The types of posts you will find in Hacker Monthly are on any topic “that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”. They are certainly very eclectic and will pique anyone’s interest.