PragPub: Issue #16

PragPub: Issue #16 cover image

Issue #16, October 2010

  • HTML5: Accessibility For All
  • One in every ten people in the world has some sort of disabiliy. That’s 650 million potential users of your software, and 650 million people you should think about when developing web sites.
  • What Agile Is Not
  • Jeff and Tim shuffle the Agile deck and come up with some jokers.
  • Good Code Tells the Truth
  • Your editor’s favorite characterization of good writing is from Rust Hills, former fiction editor of Esquire magazine: “clarity of perception and expression.” Hew Wolff is talking about something similar here when he characterizes good code as truthful.

PragPub: Issue #15

PragPub: Issue #15 cover image

Issue #15, September 2010

  • Agile Flash Cards
    • For the past year and a half, Jeff and Tim have been capturing the wisdom of the Agile community and their own combined 20+ years of Agile and XP experience on index cards. In anticipation of the release of these cards in decks, they share a few Agile in a Flash cards with you here.
  • The Key to Better Software
    • I’ve become convinced that the approach to quality taken by most companies is misguided and based on a flawed model. This is the reason why so many companies are having such trouble increasing the quality of the software they deliver.

PragPub: Issue #14

PragPub: Issue #14 cover image

Issue #14, August 2010

  • All Your Context
    • Context is king, but context extends further than you think. Here are some subtle biases that might affect your judgement.
  • Great Expectations
    • Improve your tests with custom expectations
  • In Defense of Mediocrity
    • There are different levels of expertise, and it’s smart to know what level to aspire to.
  • Page Objects in Python
    • The Page Object pattern is the key to implementing smart automated checks. Here’s how Python programmers can make use of it.

PragPub: Issue #13

PragPub: Issue #13 cover image

Issue #13, July 2010

  • Meet the Arduino
    • The Arduino lets us get hands-on again with computers in a way we haven’t been able to since the 1980s.
  • Not Quite New in iOS 4
    • Three unsung developer features of iOS 4 will make your life easier and change your code dramatically: blocks, gestures, and properties without ivars.
  • TDD on iPhone: DIY
    • If you’re trying to do quality iPhone development, TDD is not optional. Fortunately, it is also not impossible.

PragPub: Issue #12

PragPub: Issue #12 cover image

Issue #12, June 2010

  • Agile Microsoft
    • Microsoft’s Model-View-Controller web presentation framework is being called “Rails for .NET.”
  • Why ASP.NET MVC?
    • We chat with the Project Manager for the ASP.NET MVC project at Microsoft.
  • The Mikado Method
    • The Mikado Method can help you find the troubling dependencies that affect any large refactoring.

PragPub: Issue #11

PragPub: Issue #11 cover image

Issue #11, May 2010

  • The Bruce Tate Interview
    • Behind the scenes with the author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.
  • The Floating Finish Line
    • Life isn’t fair, information is never complete, and goals change in mid-project. So why does programmer education pretend otherwise?
  • The Virtues of Mockery
    • Mock objects can be very useful in test-driven design, but they need to be used wisely.

PragPub: Issue #10

PragPub: Issue #10 cover image

Issue #10, April 2010

  • Embedding a Movie on iPad
    • The iPad comes with a bunch of new programming APIs, designed to support its revolutionary new interface. Here’s a look at just one—the ability to embed movies into your application.
  • The Red Dirt Interview
    • Far out in the remote red dirt country of Oklahoma—well, actually it’s in Oklahoma City—it’s the Red Dirt Ruby Conference, a unique experience in professional education and networking.
  • When Did That Happen?
    • Dan’s got printer’s ink in his blood. This April he tells the story of printing that began in April, 1863.

PragPub: Issue #9

PragPub: Issue #9 cover image

Issue #9, March 2010

  • JavaScript: It’s Not Just for Browsers Any More
    • Node.js is a toolkit for writing high-performance network servers in JavaScript. And it’s events all the way down.
  • JSON—The Last 10 Feet
    • IBM built Jazz from the ground up, so they had the freedom to build it any way they wanted. So why did they put all that bloated XML in it?
  • Nice Apps, If You Can Afford To Write Them
    • The App Store and iPhone opened a market, but will iPad limit it to large apps?
  • Testing as Contract
    • Why not use testing as a guard against changes to the design?

PragPub: Issue #8

PragPub: Issue #8 cover image

Issue #8, February 2010

  • The Nostalgia of the New
    • An iPhone developer reflects on the iPad and the hype surrounding its announcement.
  • iPad Roundtable
    • Is Apple’s latest creation a game changer? Some smart Apple watchers weigh in.
  • Barriers to Agility
    • Johanna shows how to thread the barriers to Agility when failure is not an option for your project.

PragPub: Issue #7

PragPub: Issue #7 cover image

Issue #7, January 2010

  • The Daily Shoot
    • Duncan talks about The Daily Shoot, his and Mike Clark’s clever idea that is motivating hundreds of photographers to work at their craft every day.
  • Against SEMAT
    • You say you want a revolution? We’d all love to see the plan.
  • Touching the Core
    • Marcus walks you through using the NSFetchedResultsController, a powerful new class in the Core Data API that can make your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac apps significantly richer.