PragPub: Issue #26

PragPub: Issue #26 cover image

Issue #26, August 2011

  • Make Your Own Video Game System
    • Wouldn’t it be fun to build your own classic video game system to play games like Breakout or Asteroids on your TV? The Arduino makes it easy and Maik shows you how.
  • Hello, ClojureScript!
    • Clojure rocks, JavaScript reaches. So why not combine the two?
  • Decouple Your Apps with Event-Driven CoffeeScript
    • Node’s event paradigm provides an elegant way of connecting objects, providing maximum flexibility with minimum boilerplate, and it’s test-friendly.

PragPub: Issue #25

PragPub: Issue #25 cover image

Issue #25, July 2011

  • Clojure Building Blocks
    • Jeff introduces Clojure fundamentals and uses them to show why you might want to explore this language further.
  • Clojure Collections
    • Steven explains the benefits of immutability and explores how Clojure’s data collections handle it.
  • Create Unix Services with Clojure
    • Aaron is the coauthor (with Stuart Halloway) of the forthcoming Programming Clojure, Second Edition. Here he gives a practical, hands-on experience with Clojure.

PragPub: Issue #24

PragPub: Issue #24 cover image

Issue #24, June 2011

  • Pair Programming in a Flash
    • The rules of pairing, pairing smells, and what you can do when a pair isn’t available.
  • Practical Mock Advice
    • Zach shows mocks some much-needed respect.
  • Language Lessons
    • A guide to all the programming language articles published in PragPub to date.

PragPub: Issue #23

PragPub: Issue #23 cover image

Issue #23, May 2011

  • A CoffeeScript Intervention
    • Trevor takes us on a tour of some of the ways this hot new language improves on JavaScript.
  • Trench Warfare
    • Today’s software shops are often run like WWI military operations. It’s time to get out of the trenches.
  • Catch the Pig!
    • When everything is crashing down around you, sometimes the best thing you can do is to let it crash.

PragPub: Issue #22

PragPub: Issue #22 cover image

Issue #22, April 2011

  • Advanced Arduino Hacking
    • You want to get into this popular open-source electronics prototyping platform, but you don’t want to have to work with development tools designed for artists and hobbyists. Maik shows you how to develop software for Arduino in a professional way.
  • Create your Own Arduino IDE
    • If you’re going to do serious Arduino development, you may want to work in an environment more like your day job. Here Maik shows how to set up your own IDE.
  • Testing Arduino Code
    • Ian brings the testing power of the Ruby-based Cucumber testing library to the Arduino.

PragPub: Issue #21

PragPub: Issue #21 cover image

Issue #21, March 2011

  • Punk Rock Languages
    • In an era of virtual machines and managed environments, C is the original Punk Rock Language.
  • Testing for Web Services
    • Just because you are using an external web API for your site doesn’t mean that BDD principles need to go out the window.
  • Testing for the Cloud
    • The three big differences cloud computing brings with it are really just modern twists on old practices.

PragPub: Issue #20

PragPub: Issue #20 cover image

Issue #20, February 2011

  • Agile @ 10
    • Ten authors of the Agile Manifesto celebrate its tenth anniversary.
  • Abstraction
    • The third in this series of Big Ideas in software development.
  • Refactoring Your Job
    • Forget the self-help books. Here’s practical advice on making the best of bad economic times.

PragPub: Issue #19

PragPub: Issue #19 cover image

Issue #19, January 2011

  • Grokking Pattern Matching and List Comprehensions
    • Bruce explores two powerful features of modern programming languages that can make your code more beautiful and you more productive.
  • Everyday JRuby
    • Wherein Ian creates a simple game and then shows you several ways to deploy it.
  • Code Coupling
    • Those big software design concepts like coupling, cohesion, abstraction, and volatility have real practical value. In this article, Tim and Jeff talk about what coupling is, why it’s necessary, and how you can reduce it to just that necessary amount.

PragPub: Issue #18

PragPub: Issue #18 cover image

Issue #18, December 2010

  • Chad Fowler on Ruby
    • A legend in the Ruby community shares his recollections and insights and hopes, from the early days of Ruby enthusiasts to the future of Ruby on silicon and Ruby for phones.
  • What’s New in Ruby 1.9.2
    • It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a worthy successor to Ruby 1.8. Fast, fully featured, and fun, Ruby 1.9.2 should be your Ruby of choice.
  • Three Bundler Benefits
    • Why you should start using Bundler to manage your Ruby gems right now.
  • New Series: Everyday JRuby
    • Wherein Ian begins a series of articles on using Ruby on the JVM to solve everyday problems.

PragPub: Issue #17

PragPub: Issue #17 cover image

Issue #17, November 2010

  • Let’s Talk about Your Book
  • Susannah Pfalzer, managing editor of The Pragmatic Bookshelf, talks about writing, from the hero’s journey to PragProWriMo.
  • Writing and Performing
  • Agile software development has all the hallmarks of an artistic performance like those of music, theater, or dance. It requires practice; it requires rehearsal; it requires a team to be constantly negotiating their own personal and professional relationships among themselves.
  • Getting Clojure
  • It’s incredibly easy to call Java code from Clojure, but who would have thought that modifying an existing Java library would be such uncharted territory? Gregg shares what he has learned.