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MAKE is a quarterly do-it-yourself technology magazine, containing projects that will help you bend the latest technologies into usable products ready for use right in your own home. As the publishers of the magazine say themselves, “we celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.”

Published by O’Reilly, these magazines, though they should probably be considered Mook’s – a magazine/book hybrid – have been inspiring tech enthusiasts for more than 5 years.

Here’s a quick list of the projects they show us how to make; DIY Satellites, 3D fabrication printer, Spy Gadgets, Autopilot Drones, DIY Steadicam®, etc. Along with cool projects they also bring plenty of tech news on ground breaking new DIY technologies, such as Arduino microcontrollers.

As well as these EPUB magazines, MAKE also provides plenty of online content including extra downloads of images, project templates, videos, etc.

All EPUB downloads are available from the O’Reilly website and usually cost $9.99 per issues (although there are sometimes discounts available). O’Reilly EPUB files are DRM-free.

Visit the MAKE website:

UPDATE: It looks like O’Reilly have stopped shipping EPUB versions of their Make Magazine. After a search on their site I did find one issue from the Make: Projects that you can still get in EPUB.

DIY Coffee collects five hot MAKE magazine projects to supercharge your java:

  • Home-Built Coffee Roaster
  • Bottomless Espresso Portafilter
  • Toaster Tea Popper
  • Perfect Espresso Temperature Hack
  • Web-Fired Coffee with X10 Automation