PragPub: Issue #18

PragPub: Issue #18 cover image

Issue #18, December 2010

  • Chad Fowler on Ruby
    • A legend in the Ruby community shares his recollections and insights and hopes, from the early days of Ruby enthusiasts to the future of Ruby on silicon and Ruby for phones.
  • What’s New in Ruby 1.9.2
    • It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a worthy successor to Ruby 1.8. Fast, fully featured, and fun, Ruby 1.9.2 should be your Ruby of choice.
  • Three Bundler Benefits
    • Why you should start using Bundler to manage your Ruby gems right now.
  • New Series: Everyday JRuby
    • Wherein Ian begins a series of articles on using Ruby on the JVM to solve everyday problems.
  • Cohesive Software Design
    • Those big software design concepts like coupling, cohesion, abstraction, and volatility have real practical value. In this article, we’ll talk about how cohesion can make your life as a programmer easier.
  • When Did That Happen?
    • Dan wraps up the year with a look back at the era of the personal computer.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, Guru Meditation, Way of the Agile Warrior, Calendar, Shady Illuminations