PragPub: Issue #17

PragPub: Issue #17 cover image

Issue #17, November 2010

  • Let’s Talk about Your Book
  • Susannah Pfalzer, managing editor of The Pragmatic Bookshelf, talks about writing, from the hero’s journey to PragProWriMo.
  • Writing and Performing
  • Agile software development has all the hallmarks of an artistic performance like those of music, theater, or dance. It requires practice; it requires rehearsal; it requires a team to be constantly negotiating their own personal and professional relationships among themselves.
  • Getting Clojure
  • It’s incredibly easy to call Java code from Clojure, but who would have thought that modifying an existing Java library would be such uncharted territory? Gregg shares what he has learned.
  • Shu Ha Ri
  • Our well-meaning agile coach’s maturity model was based, either deliberately or subconsciously, on Shuhari, a Japanese martial arts concept involving three stages of mastery: “first learn, then detach, and finally transcend.”
  • When Did That Happen?
  • From 1925 to 1955 was the Golden Era of Radio. Almost 90% of the population of the United States owned and regularly listened to the radio. And broadcasting began in this month, ninety years ago.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, Guru Meditation, Way of the Agile Warrior, Swaine’s World, Calendar, Shady Illuminations