PragPub: Issue #7

PragPub: Issue #7 cover image

Issue #7, January 2010

  • The Daily Shoot
    • Duncan talks about The Daily Shoot, his and Mike Clark’s clever idea that is motivating hundreds of photographers to work at their craft every day.
  • Against SEMAT
    • You say you want a revolution? We’d all love to see the plan.
  • Touching the Core
    • Marcus walks you through using the NSFetchedResultsController, a powerful new class in the Core Data API that can make your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac apps significantly richer.
  • Much Ado About Nothing
    • Paolo plumbs the depths of nothingness to show the power of metaprogramming in Ruby.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, Get a Life, The Working Geek, Swaine’s World, The Quiz, Calendar, Shady Illuminations