PragPub: Issue #2

PragPub: Issue #2 cover image

Issue #2, August 2009

  • Writing an iPhone App
    • Developing iPhone apps is in some ways remarkably like writing desktop apps—and in many ways jarringly different.
  • iPhone, Meet Cucumber
    • It’s the hot development platform, and anything that speeds the process of getting your iPhone app finished and tested is welcome news. So Ian Dees shows how to drive an iPhone GUI from a Ruby test script.
  • Pragmatic Life
    • A chat with Andy Hunt about the Pragmatic Life book series and about life in general.
  • Managing Your Life Projects
    • How to be more effective in your daily life by applying the principles of managing your project portfolio.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, How Do We…?, Get a Life, Swaine’s World, Shady Illuminations, The Quiz, Calendar