Linux Journal

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Linux Journal is the original Linux community magazine for readers who need advice and inspiration they for getting the out of their Linux systems; in-depth how-to content, opinions, new product info, mover and shaker profiles (contributor to Open Source) and product reviews.

First published in April 1994 by Phil Hughes and Bob Young (Red Hat co-founder) Linux Journal continues innovating and in September 2011 announced that the magazine is now available as a digital download for Android, Kindle, Nook, iPhone and iPad;

  • EPUB (Nook, Sony Reader)
  • Kindle
  • PC/Mac
  • Android app: found in Android Market
  • iPhone app: found in App Store
  • iPad app: found in App Store

If you wish to check out their digital version before you buy, the September 2011 issue of Linux Journal is available as a free EPUB. Otherwise, head over to the Linux Journal website for the latest releases.