PragPub: Issue #12

PragPub: Issue #12 cover image

Issue #12, June 2010

  • Agile Microsoft
    • Microsoft’s Model-View-Controller web presentation framework is being called “Rails for .NET.”
  • Why ASP.NET MVC?
    • We chat with the Project Manager for the ASP.NET MVC project at Microsoft.
  • The Mikado Method
    • The Mikado Method can help you find the troubling dependencies that affect any large refactoring.
  • When Did That Happen?
    • Every electronic computer ever built—and the languages that direct them—trace their roots to Alan Turing.
  • Better Tools and Training
    • Our current set of static analysis tools is working on the wrong level.
  • The Indispensable Developer
    • Jonathan takes a break from writing The Agile Samurai to share the four things that will make you indispensable.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, The Working Geek, Swaine’s World, The Quiz, Calendar, Shady Illuminations