PragPub: Issue #9

PragPub: Issue #9 cover image

Issue #9, March 2010

  • JavaScript: It’s Not Just for Browsers Any More
    • Node.js is a toolkit for writing high-performance network servers in JavaScript. And it’s events all the way down.
  • JSON—The Last 10 Feet
    • IBM built Jazz from the ground up, so they had the freedom to build it any way they wanted. So why did they put all that bloated XML in it?
  • Nice Apps, If You Can Afford To Write Them
    • The App Store and iPhone opened a market, but will iPad limit it to large apps?
  • Testing as Contract
    • Why not use testing as a guard against changes to the design?
  • When Did That Happen?
    • On the birthday of the typewriter, Dan tracks the twists and turns of a concept from the typewriter through keypunch machines to today’s computer keyboards.
  • Our Daily Beer
    • If you can cook, you can make your own beer at home.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, The Working Geek, Swaine’s World, The Quiz, Calendar, Shady Illuminations