PragPub: Issue #8

PragPub: Issue #8 cover image

Issue #8, February 2010

  • The Nostalgia of the New
    • An iPhone developer reflects on the iPad and the hype surrounding its announcement.
  • iPad Roundtable
    • Is Apple’s latest creation a game changer? Some smart Apple watchers weigh in.
  • Barriers to Agility
    • Johanna shows how to thread the barriers to Agility when failure is not an option for your project.
  • Better CSS with Sass
    • Brian shows off some of the magic of Sass, a DSL for generating stylesheets.
  • When Did That Happen?
    • In honor of Herman Hollerith’s 150th birthday, Dan surveys 100 years of information-recording technology.

Plus: Up Front, Choice Bits, Get a Life, The Working Geek, Swaine’s World, The Quiz, Calendar, Shady Illuminations