PragPub: Issue #1

PragPub: Issue #1 cover image

Issue #1, July 2009

  • The Layoffs Are Coming!
    • Andy wrote the book on finding tech jobs (Land the Tech Job You Love). Here he tells you how to keep the job you have.
  • Why Clojure?
    • Rich Hickey created Clojure, a modern dialect of Lisp that targets the JVM. In this PragPub interview, Rich explains what that means to you.
  • When Things Go Wrong
    • As Stuart demonstrates in this deep immersion in Clojure coding, one of Clojure’s strengths is how it shines when things go wrong.
  • Pragmatic Publishing
    • Dave Thomas talks about the decisions behind Pragmatic Bookshelf’s comprehensive ebook program, and how book publishing is undergoing a transformation, from electronic versus paper to direct sales versus the channel.

Plus: Welcome to PragPub, Up Front, Choice Bits, How Do We…?, Swaine’s World, The Quiz, Shady Illuminations, Calendar